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Principal's Peace....

My name is Mrs. Lisa Schumacher and I am the principal at St. Michael's School.  I began my teaching career at St. Michael's School as a middle grades math and science teacher in 1992.  I loved every minute of my time as a teacher in this school and always felt that God called me to be here and to make this the place where I live out His wishes to lead children to Him through my leadership.  In 2005 I was approached by Sr. Patricia Throener about becoming a principal.  After much deliberation I decided that it was again where God wanted me to be, so I began taking classes to receive my Masters degree in School Administration.  I began as an interim principal at St. Michael's in 2007 while I finished up my degree.  I think this school, and all Catholic schools, are pretty great opportunities!  Where else can a person go to learn more about their faith, while growing in an academically challenging environment!  St. Michael's School means a lot to me & I know it means a LOT to all the children of St. Michael's School.  We are very blessed to have this school in Albion!

I recently heard a homily where the local pastor asked the question, “What makes your school Catholic?”  Many student hands shot up and students responded with an array of typical answers like getting to pray in school, learning about God and Jesus, and serving others.  But the pastor continued to explain that one time he had witnessed one of the students as they stepped outside just after it had rained.  She had put her hands on her face, taken a deep cleansing breath and said, “It smells so..o..o good”.  The pastor explained that she had experienced the full effect of the goodness of the rain in much the same way that we experience the goodness of an education at a Catholic school.

Experiencing our Catholic faith…taking it all in, like this Catholic school student had taken in the freshness of the rain, is what Catholic schooling is all about.  Upon entering the building of St. Michael’s School you begin ‘taking it all in’.  You see the visual symbols of our faith; the crosses, posters, and statues that grace our hallways and classrooms.  Students experience the full effect of their Catholic faith everyday throughout their entire school day.  Students are witnesses to their faith in action.  They pray together at mass, take part in service projects for the good of others, they learn what it means to respect yourself and others as Jesus would, and they interact with teachers who have a strong faith and belief in the goodness of God.  St. Michael’s students EXPERIENCE their faith and that is what makes Catholic education so valuable to the future of the Church.

Here is how some students answer the question, "What does being in a Catholic school mean to you? 

“to learn how to live like Jesus, act and speak like Jesus and most of all…love like Jesus”

“I love being Catholic and I love God.  It is that simple.”

“To have faith, be kind to others, have peace and hope in our world.  Catholic schools are   

unique and special and we need to tell everyone what it’s like.”

“Attending a Catholic school is like going into Church. You remove your hat when you walk in. 

And you are getting ready to speak to God and Jesus.  And we get prepared to learn.”

“I understand that I am alive right now because Jesus died for us…At a Catholic school we live

our life for Jesus because he gave his life for us.”

“I learn about doing religion”

“to appreciate everyone for what they do and say.”

“to always act like God and remember to love”

“to include Jesus in our day”

“to talk about him (Jesus) even outside of school”

“to help others know what God was like and how he lived”

 “I’ve learned things that will last for a lifetime.”

“We also look out for each other”

“you get to pray at Church with your class”

“it is important because it is our job to teach others what we learn in church”